Don’t Sweat It! A Short Guide To Managing Stress

Don’t Sweat It! A Short Guide to Managing School Stress
By Maya Halabi

Whether you’re a college freshman or high school senior, there’s no age limit to the stressful package school delivers to us. It’s easy to get caught up in the mix of it all-homework, extracurriculars, jobs, internships, volunteer work, family time, having a social life. Before you start sweating out the fact your to-do list is two pages long in your planner, take a step back and assess the most efficient way for you to manage your stressful schedule!


The first step to managing stress is taking it by the horns-don’t avoid it and procrastinate! List out every single task you need to accomplish that day or week. This will help you put into perspective what needs to be finished, what will take the most time and which of these tasks you will need to prioritize the most!


Let’s say you have two tests the next day in your two most difficult courses, need to read thirty-five pages for French class and also have a five hour evening shift at work. Did you know about your exams in advance? Was your reading for French held off until the day before? What are the odds you will have time to study, read, work a long night shift and still do well on your exams? Not very likely! If you can’t call off work or schedule that day off in advance, make time to study for your tests and read your French book increments before the due dates. Being realistic with your time will help you manage any kid of pre-test stress or procrastination. Take charge of your schedule and know your limits.


Have plans made with a friend but know you have to run a couple errands or do school work? Ask yourself, which of these is the most important thing for you to get done? Never put your own decisions, ideas and thoughts on the back burner. This also includes taking care of yourself. If you haven’t showered in a couple days or went to get your monthly pedicure, make sure to add that into your to-do list! Your mental health, physical and hygiene are just as important as any task. Plus, they are an essential to feeling unstressed-if you look good, you feel good!

Next time you’re stressed out, use these three key tips to put everything into perspective. Life as a student can be stressful, but success comes with planning, efficiency and consistency. Play the part to help keep yourself at ease!