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The HOFT Institute offers Austin ESL Classes and private English tutors for adults and children of all ages. We also have tutoring programs for elementary, middle school, high school and college students. In addition to English we also tutor for specific Math, Science and Business courses taught in these schools.

Most of our enrollees are international scholars learning English as a second language, so we offer ESL tutoring specifically for them. HofT also provides assistance to foreign students with visas, travel and acclimation to U.S. and Austin living, logistics and culture. Going to school in a different country with a different language and customs can be overwhelming. Let us help make your residency and studies and extracurricular life here successful and enjoyable!

We have several Austin tutors specializing in English for Health Sciences. This curriculum includes healthcare and medical terminology with an emphasis on learning to correctly spell and pronounce these challenging Latin- or Greek-based names for diseases or surgical procedures. Future doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals all have difficulty with this arcane vocabulary, and a private tutor can be a big help.

Our English tutors are experts in ESL and helping student to write and speak the American version of the language fluently. If you are looking for an experienced professional English tutor, call HofT (512) 472-6666

Private English Tutoring and ESL Program

If you want to learn to speak, read and write American English proficiently, a private English tutor can be very helpful. This is especially important if you are new to the United States or learning English as a second language - ESL. HofT specializes in teaching American English to international students attending colleges and universities in the USA.

College level coursework is difficult enough without having to struggle with a foreign language and culture. Many people planning to come to the United States already have a rudimentary facility with the English language – but lack some of the nuances of pronunciation, idiomatic expressions and common American usage. Even visitors from countries with large English-speaking populations (India, Philippines, United Kingdom, Germany, Bangladesh, Canada, etc.) often have accents that make effective communications difficult.

Teaching English to International Students

Our Austin English tutor program has been helping students from other counties prepare for U.S. college matriculation for more than 30 years. During this time we have refined our English classes and ESL tutoring approach to enable each pupil to achieve a high level of fluency in the minimum amount of time. Private English tutors can quickly identify problems students are having, and provide instant assistance.

Although most of our English and ESL tutors are proficient in several languages, we try to conduct classes and private tutoring sessions entirely in English. But it is helpful for tour instructors to know our scholars’ native tongue – for precise vocabulary definitions and translations. But our beginning scholars should expect to quickly progress to a level of proficiency suitable for tutoring in English-only, emulating the classroom and social environments for which you are preparing.

Austin TX Tutors for English and ESL

American English is among the world’s most difficult languages to learn. It has irregular verbs, strange idioms and slang, regional vocabulary and accents, inconsistent spelling and pronunciation – and anglicized words from other languages. People who grow up in the USA study English every semester through kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school. These are the students you will be competing with in the undergraduate and postgraduate classes here in the U.S.

Don’t let a language barrier limit your success in school. A professional English tutor can help you level the playing field. Apply online or call HofT to discuss your tutoring requirements and schedule your first session! (512) 472-6666

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