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Do you need some math help? Are you having trouble with concepts or keeping up with coursework? HofT offers private tutoring in just about every elementary, middle school, high school or college math course. Our most popular subjects include Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Probability and Statistics. Your Austin math tutor can tailor your lesson plan to match the curriculum of a specific course taught at your local high school, college or university. Or we can help you prepare for the mathematical sections of the ACT Test, SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT or STARR examinations.

For your convenience, we offer math tutoring services in-home, online or on-site at our campus in downtown Austin Texas. We know you’re busy, so we’ll schedule your lessons on days and times that are best for you. These one-on-one sessions with private instructors will enable you to learn much faster than in your high school or college classrooms. In contrast with those group learning environments, a private tutor can adapt the content and pace of the course to the speed at which you are learning – slowing down to help when you are having difficulty, and moving faster as you gain mastery of the topic.

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College Math Tutoring and High School Mathematics

HofT has been helping high school and college students since 1980. Our Austin math tutors are especially good at teaching international students the skills they need to be successful in American colleges and universities. This begins with helping them pass the math sections of the ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT or MCAT. And for those whose native language is not English, we offer highly effective ESL classes.

In addition to tutoring Mathematics majors, we also teach the numerical and computational skills required for high school and college science coursework. Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Psychology – and especially Physics – require a lot of math. And even Liberal Arts courses involve some expertise in Probability and Statistics. Let us help you prepare for these demanding science and humanities courses.

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Here is some more information about some of our most popular math tutoring subjects:

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 Tutorial Topics

Algebraic symbology, Linear equations and inequalities, functions, word problems, systems of linear equations. Algebra tutors also cover exponents and radicals, logarithms, polynomials and polynomial factorization, quadratic equations and functions.

High School and College Calculus Tutoring

Most of our private calculus tutor curricula address limits, functions and sequences, derivatives, chain rule, inverse functions and differentiation, introduction to differential equations. More advanced college calculus tutoring sessions cover Newton’s method, Taylor’s Theorem, L’Hopital’s Rule, Mean Value Theorem, Logarithmic Derivatives, Indefinite Integrals, Integration by Parts, Trigonometric Substitution, Integrals of Trigonometric Functions.

Private Tutoring in Geometry and Trigonometry

Sessions include geometry tutoring in Euclidian Geometry, lines, planes, circles, polygons. The Plane, 3-space and multi-dimensional objects. Angular measurement (radians and degrees), areas and volumes, word problems, theorems and proofs. Our Austin trigonometry tutors cover the Cartesian coordinate system, right triangle trigonometry, trigonometric functions and curves, vectors, Law of Sines and Cosines.

On Site – In Home – Online Math Tutors

Many of our enrollees are undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Texas or other local Austin colleges. So it’s easy for them to attend on-site sessions at the HofT campus within walking distance of UT. We also offer in-home math tutors for students in the greater Austin area.

HofT offers tutoring to people of all ages. Some of our math tutees are in elementary, middle schools and high schools. But most of our work involves providing math tutors for adults attending (or about to attend) local colleges and universities. It is very common for adult students attending an undergraduate or graduate program in one of the ‘hard sciences’ to take advantage of our Austin math tutor services.

For the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, HofT offers online math tutoring on a broad array of subjects including Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and Trigonometry. The great thing about having a math tutor online is you can learn any time of the day or night, and go at a pace you set. This enables you to spend moiré time on the topics you find most challenging, and less on the ones that are easier.

Choose the subjects and method that works best for your needs and schedule.

Get Math Help from a Local Mathematics Tutor

Although online math tutoring programs are highly effective, you will get more individualized attention from an on-site math tutor. A one-on-one session with a professional mathematician-teacher will be able to quickly identify and correct the areas in which you are having difficulty – and focus on those. Often it’s just a minor conceptual issue or seeing how to solve a specific type of problem that prevents a student from making progress. Each HofT Austin math tutor is trained to pick up on these challenges and help our students break through their stumbling blocks.

Anyone can learn mathematics! It may seem to you that some people are able to do math and others not; but this is really a myth. Many of the world’s greatest mathematicians struggled with their coursework in school. Educators now believe it was these struggles that led to their thorough and inspired understanding of the subject; and these pioneers would not have made these advances if they had had an easier time with their studies.

A professional math tutor can help you develop learning skills that will empower you to grasp mathematical concepts more quickly. Call HofT today to talk about the type of math tutoring you need. (512) 472-6666