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A private Spanish tutor is the best way for you to learn to read, write and speak the language fluently and confidently. The individual attention afforded by one-on-one tutoring enables you to learn as quickly as possible, and receive immediate assistance whenever you experience difficulties. For the convenience of our students, we offer three modes of tutoring – online, in-home and on-site at the HOFT Institute campus in downtown Austin TX.

Our professional Spanish tutors tailor their lessons to each student’s current abilities and personal goals. This allows you to learn on a schedule and at a pace that is comfortable for you. The HOFT Spanish tutoring curriculum is designed to meet our students’ future needs for real world conversational, reading and writing skills.

Typical sessions will include introduction of new vocabulary words and grammar exercises. But the main focus of every session is to improve your conversational proficiency. The HOFT Spanish tutor’s approach is intensive -- sessions are conducted almost entirely in Spanish, to emulate real world social, academic and business situations. This may seem daunting at first, but you will quickly adapt and learn faster, and gain greater fluency with this methodology.

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Benefits of Learning to Speak Spanish in the USA

Spanish has become the 2nd most widely spoken language in America. There are currently fifty million Hispanophones in the USA, and this number is steadily increasing. There are also 6.2 million Spanish-speaking students visiting the U.S. at any given time.

Being able to communicate effectively and easily with Latinos and Hispanics is a great advantage in school, business and social activities. For this segment of our population, spoken Spanish and written materials in Spanish are more readily accepted and understood than those in English or other languages. It’s also good marketing – and common courtesy – to address people in the language they prefer.

Your Spanish tutor -- profesor de Español en Austin TX -- can help you learn the language and open up a whole new world of friends, neighbors, business and cultural associations. We have members of our community from Mexico, Central and South America who) have established successful businesses, artistic and non-profit organizations in Texas and throughout the United States. Learning to read, write and speak Spanish will enable you to easily with them and their network of contacts.

Experienced Spanish Tutors

Our faculty has more than thirty years of experience tutoring people of all ages – from pre-school students to adults. Most of our learners are international students attending colleges or universities in the USA. We help them learn English so they can perform successfully in their classes at these educational institutions. HOFT Institute also has instructors specializing in languages and academic subjects for new émigrés and visitors to the U.S.

Linguistic experts agree that Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. Like most Romance languages, there are a few irregular verbs and conjugations. From the standpoint of reading, writing and speaking, Spanish is very straightforward. Words are pronounced as they are written. Although the dialects of Spanish spoken in Mexico, Central and South America vary from those used in Europe, the written language is the same everywhere.

In addition to the Spanish tutor program at the HOFT Institute campus, we offer tutoring online or in your home (within the Austin metropolitan area). For those who work or who are full-time students, on-campus or in-home sessions can be scheduled for your convenience. A Spanish tutor session at our Austin TX campus is especially convenient for UT students and others living in the downtown area. Whether online, in-home or at our school, we make learning Spanish simple, economical and fun!

The best thing about private tutors is their ability to work closely with you to plan your lessons, observe your progress and help you promptly with any problems you encounter. You and your Spanish tutor can breeze through the parts you find to be easy, and devote more time to the areas that give you trouble. This is why one-on-one tutoring is better, faster and less expensive than other methods of language learning.

The HOFT Institute Spanish Tutorial Curriculum

For each new student, we devise a lesson plan based on your current level of fluency. Each tutorial session incorporates new vocabulary words, pronunciation exercises, grammar instruction and conversational practice. Homework assignments typically include reading and writing work, along with practicing verbal skills. HOFT’s Spanish tutors specialize in teaching students to speak with authentic accents, and to understand and use idiomatic phrases correctly.

The main focus is on facility in conversation, which is generally more difficult than reading or writing. Listening and responding require real-time speech assimilation and formulation of responses -- which can be very challenging. For many newcomers listening to normal Spanish conversations, the pace of talking seems so fast it is incomprehensible.

This is where the private Spanish tutor gives you an advantage. We can slow things down to a speed the student comprehends, and gradually increase the pace as the student becomes more proficient. Our goal is to prepare students to ‘think in Spanish’, and this makes listening and speaking much easier. It’s a great feeling to attain a level of fluency where you are comfortable conversing with native Spanish speakers!

Some people try to learn new languages by themselves without expert help -- or get stuck in large classes with little individual attention. Don’t get frustrated and waste your time with methods that don’t work! Call today to talk with one of our Austin Spanish tutors. (512) 472-6666

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